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Linking to our Plant View

We have been asked for a way that other sites may provide links directly to individual plants on Hortico's site. Since our site is run from a database, it was less easy to link to us than other sites which have static html pages for their roses.

So, here we'll tell you how to set up links on your site directly to a single plants view page on Hortico. Please follow these directions carefully and let the webmaster know if you have any problems or suggestions. If you would just like to link to our site as a whole, please see our FAQ How do I link my site to Hortico? Please don't be put off by the length of these instructions, it's really not that hard to do.

The Short, Easy Way

  1. Go to the detail page for an individual plant you wish to link to.
  2. Notice the "Link to this Plant" link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Use the URL of that "permalink" for your link.

    example: http://www.hortico.com/roses/view.asp?action=sbcn&catno=DALEDA10

More Details

If you want to link by name, with a pulldown menu or something slightly more complex than by Catalogue number, here are the details you need.

  1. The main page to link to is at this address, but you'll need to add some arguments before it will work.

  2. There are two ways that you may specify a particular plant to view. Generally calling by CatNo is most accurate and will be the easiest to set up though Name is certainly ok too.
    1. Call by CatNo (Catalogue Number)
    2. Call by Name

  3. You select which of the call methods you want by an Action argument.

  4. The values you can use are as follows:
    MethodAllowed Values for Action
    Show by CatNo "showbycatno", "sbcn"
    Show by Name "showbyname", "sbn"

  5. Lastly, you need to add the value of CatNo or Name for the plant you're trying to call.
    MethodData Needed
    Show by CatNo CatNo=XXXXXX
    Show by Name Name=Some+Name

    A couple of limitations to note, CatNo's and Names must be at least 4 characters long. CatNo's must be less than 9 characters long though they are usually 6 characters. Single quote (') characters are allowed. This is just to prevent problem queries or short queries that return everything in one long page. To purposely return large groups of plants, contact us for assistance in pointing to our multi-page view.

  6. Now you put this all together in one link for something like these examples:



  7. Make sure that you're using our names and catno's for the plants. The query you pass must match what we're calling something in our database, even if we have something mis-spelled.

    Please Note: multi-word names may be used, but you must replace the spaces with the + character. This is standard in url arguments. (Example, name=Bicolour+Austrian+Copper)

  8. Then, please test all your links to us before posting them to your site. Broken links will make both of us look careless and will cause unnecessary loading.

  9. Lastly, please email us and let us know that you're linking to us. We'd love to know who is using this capability and we'd be happy to provide a link back to your site from Hortico. Comments and suggestions, even complaints, are always welcome.

Some Notes and Details