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At Hortico, you have a number of options for ordering. You can use our online catalogues and our convenient online ordering, use our printable order form and FAX or mail in an order, or call in an order. Our catalogues are available online, for download, or as printed catalogues.

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To order from Hortico using the online catalogues, follow this easy procedure:

  1. Fill Your Shopping Cart
    Using the catalogues, select plants or books that you would like to buy and add them to your shopping cart. You can change quantities or remove items from the cart at any time. Once the cart has what you want to order, press the Order button.

  2. Order: Customer Information Form - 2
    This form will collect customer contact and address information for billing. Fill this out, then press the Next Step button.

  3. Order: Shipping and Payment Information Form - 3
    This form will collect information for shipping, payment & any special instructions or comments. Fill this out, then press the Next Step button.

  4. Order: Summary and Final Confirmation Form - 4
    This form will show you all the details of your order and give you chance to check everything before submission.
    At this point your order has not yet been submitted.

       If/when you press Confirm Order it will submit the order to us, saving it in our online database.
       If you do not press Confirm Order we will NOT get your order.

  5. Order: Confirmation - 5
    At this point your order has been submitted.
    This form will display all the details of your order as recorded.
    You should print a copy of this for your records.
    There is also a FAX form that you can print if you plan to FAX in your order.

  6. Receipt of Order Confirmation
    All orders will be confirmed by an email or a phone call from our office staff.

Payment Method Info

Hortico's website offers SSL secure ordering to encrypt your name, address, payment information and other order details as they are passed from your browser to our webserver. We also offer non-SSL ordering for browsers without SSL support. Either method of passing data into our database is generally secure, and more secure than email. If you are uncomfortable about this or about using your credit card on any website, we have several methods by which you can pay for your order.

Note first that, regardless of how you prefer to give us payment information, you can always submit your order to us using the website without having to enter payment information such as credit card numbers. Then you can phone or FAX in the payment info if you prefer. For more information, see our FAQ: I am reluctant to use my credit card in cyber space, can I just phone you the order?

Below are the options presented in the Payment Information box at Step 3 of the online ordering process. Select how you want to give us your payment information.

Please note that our policy on currency is that orders being shipped to the USA or to other countries are in US dollars while orders shipped within Canada are listed in Cdn dollars. This helps to cover the extra cost of inspection and shipping across the border. (Please see our FAQ for further explanation)

Ordering Terms and Tips

Allow Subs
When checked, this gives the grower at Hortico the option to substitute a plant with similar or better characteristics. This would only be done in the circumstance when the ordered plant is not ready to ship, prematurely sold out, or when a customer makes a note to have their order checked for hardiness and or disease resistance.
Minimum Order
Update: There is no longer a 5 rose minimum on orders. Single-plant orders are just fine now.
Quantity Discount
Quantity discounts are given when an order includes 10 or more of one variety as follows:

Roses: Retail Quantity Discounts

  • 10% discount for 10 or more plants of one variety.
  • 15% discount for 25 or more plants of one variety.
  • 25% discount for 50 or more plants of one variety.
  • 35% discount for 100 or more plants of one variety.

Wholesale Clients add a further 10% discount.

There is no quantity discount on tree roses or perennials.

Tax ID Number or SSN
For orders being shipped into the USA, US Customs declarations now requires an SSN (US Social Security Number) or IRS ID number for commercial orders and for any orders over $2000 US.

If your order is non-commercial and is under that amount, you do not need to provide either number when ordering.

If your order is not shipping to the USA, you do not need to fill in that field.

Hortico does not use this information for any purpose other than for the customs forms and we do not give the information to others. The number will be stored securely in our website's database when you submit your order. It is automatically cleared from there upon receipt of your order by our office staff.

USA Not Available
We are unable to ship these roses to the USA due to patent restrictions. Most of these roses are sold by licensed distributors who pay royalties to the hybridizer.
Canada Not Available
We are unable to ship these roses within Canada due to patent restrictions. Most of these roses are sold by licensed distributors who pay royalties to the hybridizer.
US Retail Only
These specialty roses are only available to the homeowner and because of their limited supply are not for resale.
Import Permit Required
An import permit is required for this plant for US customers. More information coming soon.
Cites Required
Cites are required for this plant for US customers. More information coming soon.
Shipping/Pickup Date From and To Fields  
These date fields outline the range of dates when you would like us to ship your plants.

Please note that this is shipping date, not actual delivery (arrival) date. Shipping times will vary by your location and the shipping method selected but is often about a 7-10 days.

Plants can be shipped as soon as 1 week after order submission.

If plants in your order are marked as not available until a future date, please set your Shipping/Pickup date range after the date those plants become available.

Bare root pick-ups can be within 7 business days of order or availability.

With our new temperature and moisture-controlled warehouse we can now ship all year providing our temperatures are above freezing. Ultimately you can safely plant plants when they are dormant and the frost is out of the ground.

Date Available
If listed, this date is when this particular product will be available for shipping to you. Availability is subject to our growing season.

If you order products with future date-available listed, then those products will be shipped as soon as available - unless you instruct us otherwise.

If your order has items with a mix of available dates, the order will be split into suborders, with products shipping when available.

If this is not what you wish, please either remove some items from your order or specify instructions in the order comment field.

Products available earlier can be shipped when ready. If you want your whole order to wait until they are all available, please put a note to that effect in the order comments field.
T.B.A. - To Be Available
We are currently sourcing these roses, locating budwood, or attempting to put these varieties back into production.

You are welcome to place an order for these roses, however in some cases it may take 1-3 years to source and or propagate. Some varieties are worth the wait!

In some cases the amount available will be limited, so being in the queue for a desired variety is a wise option.

20% deposits will be taken on T.B.A. roses to confirm the order.

If you are ordering roses available now/future mixed with T.B.A. roses, we will ship the order when requested and leave the T.B.A. roses on backorder with a new 20% deposit to keep the order confirmed.

When your T.B.A. rose becomes available, Hortico will contact you to arrange your shipping date. You of course are welcome to call or email us to check on the progress of your order.

See also our Information Privacy Policy.