Hortico Inc.

Searching Tips

The rose search and perennial search functions for Hortico's catalogue use simple AND searches.

It takes the keywords that you provide and searches the Title, Description, and Catalogue number fields.

Other criteria such as Photo Available, Rose of the Year, Section, SubSection, Fragrance, New Rose, Hardy to Zone, etc will further restrict the search.

If you put in more than one keyword, the search will attempt to find only those products that match all the criteria you give. If you get no results for a given search, you should first try removing some of the criteria to broaden the search.

The search looks for strings that are like the keywords you give. You may broaden a search by using a substring, where you cut back on a long or possibly inaccurate name to a part of it.

You do not need to put in any operators such as AND, OR, or NOT or any parentheses (). They will not affect the search. Just enter keywords separated by spaces. The search will accept ' characters.

Note that if you wish to search by Hybridizer, you may be better off to try our Roses by Hybridizer page. This does not list every hybridizer (yet) but it does have many of them.

If you wish to search by Color, enter the color in the keyword terms box.