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Hortico carries a very large selection of flowering trees and shrubs, evergreens and fruit trees available bareroot or potted depending on the season. This includes a full range of liners, rooted cuttings, grafts, transplants and whips in common and hard to find varieties. The list also contains many unusual fruit and woody vines.

We don't have all of the products in this catalogue in our online catalogue yet though we're starting to add them. Until then, you may want to order our printed catalogue to get the full list.

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We are in the process of putting all of our Trees & Shrubs online. It's a big job so we're still adding plants, plant details, and photos. Go ahead and start digging and ordering anytime though! Thanks for your patience.

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This catalogue includes: saleable shrubs and evergreens, vines, edible fruits & nuts, rooted evergreen cuttings, rooted shrub cuttings, grafts from greenhouse, evergreen liners, shrub seedlings & transplants, whips for lining out and saleable trees.

Please see this note about shipping cost estimates for orders containing trees or shrubs.